Magicians, Gamblers, and Drunks


October 11-13, 2024 

Rio Las Vegas

Hearken! The bell hath tolled, and the time is near to unravel the mysteries, we learn here. 

In the shadows lurks a demon dark and vile, whose evil deeds will bring this town to trial.

The demon is cunning; its ways shrewd and sly. With every passing day, more innocents die.

Will you aid in the quest to root out the beast? Will you be consumed by its demonic feast?

The fate of the town, resting upon your hand; for your help is needed in the town's last stand.

Deception or trust shall be your only guides; as among you, the demon secretly hides. 

We ask you to join us, in this fight so grim against a darkness that slaughters limb by limb. 

Come one and all, sounds strike from the clocktower. Work together, lest the demon devour.

About the Convention

We are excited to bring you Magicians, Gamblers, and Drunks 2024! Badges go on sale Friday, March 15th at noon. Based on your feedback, we have secured a whole new location which includes 20 private gaming rooms plus some larger special event space! This will significantly decrease the noise issues coming from other games, however it also means there is limited gaming space so we are limiting the number of badges to 300. If we approach our badge limit we may be able to reserve more space, but we cannot guarantee that. So buy your badge early to secure your spot! 


Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring together Blood on the Clocktower fans from all over the world to celebrate and share our passion for this unique and thrilling social deduction game in a safe, inclusive, and welcoming space all while strengthening the Clocktower community. Through our convention, we aim to promote the game and foster a sense of camaraderie and shared experience that inspires and creates lasting and meaningful friendships.